The Poetry of Sue KunitzThe Poetry of Sue Kunitz


Published Works:
A Day in Winter's Mouth
The Boss
Braced for Impact
Ice Speaks
Love in Winter
The Moon
The Secret Dancer
She Wolf
Telephone Lines
What Doesn't Feel Like Work
Women's Retreat

She Wolf

At midnight
paws crunch the snow
need to tear and bite
with my very sharp teeth
need iron flesh taste in mouth
growl at my mate, my pups
try to stay away from open spaces
and the hunter's rifle

my daughter laughs, says,
“Mommy had a weird hard day.”
I smell the smooth place behind her ear
rest with her till heart stops pounding
son holds my paw, because it's, “too cold.”
It's then that I know
I won't be a wolf forever


Performance at Bloomington Art Center (September 2006)

©2006 Sue Kunitz