The Poetry of Sue KunitzThe Poetry of Sue Kunitz


Published Works:
A Day in Winter's Mouth
The Boss
Braced for Impact
Ice Speaks
Love in Winter
The Moon
The Secret Dancer
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Telephone Lines
What Doesn't Feel Like Work
Women's Retreat

The Moon

I do a little part time work for the Moon
She wants her clothes washed
White china cleaned
Large ladle emptied
Diamond earrings dipped in alcohol
Falling stars sewn up
With navy blue thread

I have a red gold computer
To type the Moon's letters
I take phone calls
The Moon smiles on and on
I copy geese
They fly across each sky blue page

White rabbits hide in the snow of her coat
(She is going home early)
My work done
I dance and dance
The rising sun pours gold over me


Published in Visions International (1998)

©1998 Sue Kunitz